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Please consider the following when planning for your rigging needs with PSAV, the Hilton Austin's in-house technology provider:

The Schedule Rigging Services form must be submitted with a scaled rigging plot 20 days prior to load in. If the form is received less than 20 BUSINESS days prior to load in, double time rates will be charged. See "To Order Service:" at the bottom of this page to learn more. Rigging plots must contain all flown equipment in addition to a reflective ceiling plan with hang-points. Please use our CAD file (available for download below) as your design template. If a rigging plot is received by our offices which does not respect the hotels rigging regulations, the client has the option to either redesign their event or have our offices redesign the event at a cost of $75 per hour. All drawings must be received electronically. Hard copies will be accepted in a scale of no smaller than 1/8"-1’.
Exhibit Hall / Ballroom Standards

The Ballrooms are equipped with permanent rigging points rated for 1000 lbs. Please refer to the CAD files for exact locations of the rigging points. There is NO RIGGING OTHER THAN THE PERMANENT RIGGING POINTS INSTALLED. No rigging is allowed from the air-wall tracks. PSAV must make all connections to the ceiling or supporting structure of the hotel. Only a PSAV rigger may move flown equipment. Additional weight cannot be applied to flown equipment after PSAV riggers leave the room. Under no circumstances may a person be suspended, walk or climb upon any point or supporting structure attached to the ceiling. PSAV will exclusively operate the Counterweight (fly-rail) system.

PSAV On-Site Practices

PSAV will decide the number of riggers required for your event. PSAV will make all connections to the ceiling and assist your staff in attaching those connections to your truss and equipment. Please contact our offices for clarification of what services and equipment we offer to assist you in a safe and cost effective event. PSAV will not "dead hang" items over 100lbs or 10' in length with a scissors lift. Chain hoists or crank towers must be used.

Rigging Equipment Guidelines

A scissors lift is required for all rigging calls at the hotel. PSAV has lifts on site and available for rental. All lifts used in this facility must have white, non-marking tires and be in good repair. Construction or outdoor lifts will not be allowed in. All equipment and materials flown must pass ANSI guidelines and be approved. Any dynamic (moving) element requires an arrester device. A steel "safety" is required on each individual item suspended with a nylon sling. All nuts and bolts used overhead must be rated and all wire rope clips and overhead hardware (eyebolts etc.) must be forged, unless approved by PSAV. 

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