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We are excited to welcome you to Austin, where our seasons are as unpredictable and unique as our city. Our summers are sunny and hot, so be sure to grab a refreshing beverage and relax at a local restaurant. Interested in taking a long hike? No problem! Temperatures are mild in the spring and fall, and there are plenty of outdoor locations that are ideal for a variety of recreational activities.

The average daily temperature in Austin is 65.4°F (18.9°C), and the daily mean temperature is 85.3°F (29.6°C). Before visiting the Hilton Austin, we recommend that guests check local listings for current weather conditions.



The Hilton Austin has an emergency plan for tornados, and we have personnel monitoring the weather. Should there be a shelter in place order, an announcement will be made via the hotel's PA system to direct guests to ballroom level.  

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