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Banquet Terms and Conditions

Meal Service
Plated meal service is based on a two-hour serve time. Breaks are based on a thirty-minute serve time. Buffets are served for a duration of one and a half hours and require a minimum of twenty-five (25) guests, unless specified otherwise. If your guarantee is less than the minimum, you will be assessed an additional 25% surcharge. Due to health regulations and quality concerns, items from the buffet cannot be served during mid-morning, afternoon or evening breaks. An extension of actual service times is subject to additional labor fees. Meal service beginning after 10:00 p.m. will be assessed a 50% menu surcharge.
Additional Charges
A labor surcharge of 25% will be incurred for any food function of less than twenty-five (25) guests, unless a lower minimum is noted. Chefs, attendants, bartenders, cashiers and butlers will be subject to an additional $125.00 per person fee, as noted in the specific meal period sections.
If a room setup is changed within twenty four (24) hours of the event, there will be a minimum additional fee of $200.00 for the reset. Fees are subject to an increase, depending on the room size and the complexity of the changes. An additional labor fee may be added for meals during national holidays.
Water service, pads and pens will be placed on a station inside the room. The placement of these items at individual place settings will be subject to advance notice, and an additional setup fee will be incurred.
Service Charge, Gratuities, Administrative Fee and Taxes
All prices are subject to a 13.5% gratuity, a 10.5% service charge and the current 8.25% Texas state tax. Gratuity is fully distributed to servers, bussers and/or bartenders who are assigned to the event. An administrative fee is not a gratuity and is the property of the hotel in covering discretionary costs of the event.

Final attendance must be specified by noon three (3) business days prior to the event. This number will be considered your minimum guarantee and is not subject to reduction. Should a final guarantee not be received, your expected attendance on the Banquet Event Order (BEO) will be considered the final guarantee. You will be charged for your final guarantee or the number of guests in attendance, whichever is greater.

Dietary restriction numbers are required when the guarantee is provided. If there are no dietary selections listed on the original arrangements, the hotel reserves the right to provide a vegan meal to a number not greater than 10% of the actual guarantee.
Payment shall be made in advance of the function, unless credit has been established with the hotel. In such cases, the complete account is due and payable no later than 30 days from the date of the function.
The hotel does not permit the affixation of anything to the walls, doors or ceilings that could result in damage.
Pre-approved signage is permitted in the registration area and in private function areas only. No signs are permitted in the hotel lobby, on the building exterior or in other public area. The hotel reserves the right to approve all signage. All signs must be professionally printed and should be free- standing or placed on an easel. The hotel will assist in placing all signs and banners, which are subject to a $50.00 charge per banner.
Audio Visual
For your convenience, Presentation Services Audio Visual (PSAV) has been designated as our in-house team of professionals, providing knowledgeable, on-site expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.
Lost and Found
The hotel will not assume or accept responsibility for damages to or loss of any merchandise or articles in the hotel prior to, during or following an event.
Food & Beverage
In addition to our published menu suggestions, our culinary, catering and events teams are specialists in creating customized solutions. Let your imagination be your guide, knowing that we understand special requests, budget needs and dietary requirements. We are committed to the needs of our guests, including those who have special dietary restrictions (such as a food allergy, intolerance or other medically restricted diet) and are also aware that some may adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Our goal is to deliver a memorable experience through our culinary skills.

• Our menus are subject to change, and ingredients may vary based on seasonality or availability.
• Bread is available upon request.
• Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
• All food & beverage, including alcohol, must be purchased through the hotel and served by hotel staff.
• All pricing is guaranteed ninety (90) days prior to your event date.
Room Assignment and Seating
Function rooms are assigned by the hotel according to the anticipated guest count and setup requirements. The hotel reserves the right to make room changes to a more suitable room, should the initial requirements change.Banquet seating will be set up in rounds of ten (10) guests each. If a lower ratio is required, additional labor charges will apply. The hotel will set tables and chairs by 3% over the guarantee based upon space availability.
White linen and napkins are available through the hotel at no extra charge. Specialty linen and napkins are available through outside sources. Your Catering or Event Manager will be happy to assist you.
Florals, Décor, Entertainment
The hotel has a list of recommended vendors, and we are happy to facilitate needs. Advance notification is required when
scheduling entertainment and the use of volume-enhancing equipment. The hotel reserves the right to control the volume on all functions.
Additionally, we can ensure that billing for your master account is kept clean and simple. Should you make your own arrangements, all deliveries should be coordinated with your Catering or Event Manager.

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