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Environmental Commitment

Going Green

At Hilton Worldwide, protecting the environment is a top priority. Responsible environmental activity is good for both our business and the community. For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive company-wide policy to promote business practices that help preserve the environment.  We provide guidelines for all of our facilities, and our goals are to “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” as much as we can.
The Hilton Austin has partnered with a number of organizations in executing good “green” practices throughout the hotel. We would like to share with you some of the guidelines that may be conducted by the hotel to address environmental
•Implemented a Green Committee dedicated to environmental issues within our hotel’s operation, boasting representation from each department with leadership from our General Manager
•Reduced the facilities total kBTU output by 8.7% and carbon dioxide output by 2.4% year over year, while occupancy has increased by 4% over the same time period
•Awarded the City of Austin’s Waste Smart Certification for significantly reducing the hotel’s solid waste stream
•Produced over 30 tons of recyclable material including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, batteries, computer equipment, aluminum, ink cartridges and fluorescent bulbs each year since 2006
•Installed compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs in 99% of all fixtures in the hotel
•Introduced guest programs such as linen reuse, public space recycling receptacles and newspaper refusal to engender guest involvement
•Remain an active partner with the Austin Parks Foundation in efforts to reclaim and revitalize downtown's green space
•Continue to provide a transportation subsidy to team members buying monthly public transit passes

Green Meetings

•Use of china, glass, silver and cloth napkins as opposed to paper or disposals
•To-go containers from paper or corn-based plastic
•Condiments and dressings served bulk, whenever appropriate, in lieu of individual packets
•Use of glass carafes and pitchers at water breaks
•Aluminum cans replacement of the standard 10-ounce disposable glass, foam-labeled “banquet bottle”
•Availability of locally-sourced menus

On the Hilton Austin Horizon

•Sourcing our cooking oil to a bio-diesel cooperative
•Providing full housekeeping services opt-out to guests
•Creating additional water savings as well as fewer chemicals dispersed
•Studying composting feasibility to further reduce solid waste stream

Banquet Facilities Initiatives

•Use of china, glass and cloth napkins as opposed to paper
•Use cardboard to-go boxes as opposed to plastic
•Food condiments served in bowls rather than in individual packaging
•Large variety of non-packaged food items available throughout menus
•Use of water stations and pitchers
•Aluminum can use for soft drinks
•Use of paper cups as opposed to Styrofoam

Hotel-Wide Initiatives

•Locally-purchased food and beverage items such as produce, bottled water, etc.
•Recyclable programs that include various types of paper, aluminum, plastic, inkjet cartridges and batteries
•Use of paper cups as opposed to plastic in hotel outlets
•Guest room newspaper delivery available by request only
•Replacement of shampoo, conditioner and other guest room amenities replenished only as needed
•Use of compact fluorescent bulbs throughout the hotel, particularly for guest room vanity lighting, hallways and lamps
•Water conservation program for guestroom towels with fresh towel replacement only when placed on the floor

Texas Disposal Systems Collaboration

•Having never been cited for waste infractions
•Producing own compost products from food waste
•Using viable wells and landfills to sell back methane from compacted food waste as a renewable energy source to the city

 Balcones Recycling Partnership Statistics

•39.65 total tons
•674 trees
•277,508 gallons of water
•15,065 gallons of oil
•40 homes powered for six months (electricity in kW hours)
•3,528 cubic feet of landfill space

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