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The following services are provided by the Hilton Austin for your telecommunication and telephone-related event needs:

House Phones

House phones are designated only for in-house, local and toll-free calls (using the "9" dial-out button). The price for an in-house extension is $175.00, plus the cost of calls.

DID Lines

DID lines may be used for long distance calls, minimal PC usage and fax transmissions. The installation fee for a DID line is $300.00, plus the cost of calls. 

DID Line Ehancements

A speakerphone may be added to a DID line for a hardware rental cost of $150.00 per day or a hardware rental with DID line cost of $450.00 per day.
As an alternative, a polycom may accommodate calls with attendance of up to 10 guests.

Guest Room Calls

Dial 7 + room number                               
No charge
Dial 911 or press phone button icon                  
No charge                      
Dial 9 + area code + number                   
800/888/877 Toll-Free                  
Dial 9 + 1 + area code +number               
No charge under 60 minutes; $0.10 per minute thereafter

Long Distance                            
Dian 9 + 1 + area code + number             
AT&T operator-assisted rate, less 50% of surcharge

Dial 9 + 011 + country + city + number    
AT&T operator-assisted rate (by country)

Calling Cards, Credit Cards, Collect and Third Party                              
Dial 9 + 1 + area code + number              
No charge under 60 minutes; $0.10 per minute after
Local, long distance or international calls will be billed to your account only if the called party answers. Applicable taxes will be added to rates listed above, which are subject to change.
You may obtain free rate information at any time by dialing 9 + 00 and asking the operator for AT&T's operator-assisted rate, as the Hilton subscribes to AT&T's long distance and network PTS operator services. Time Warner is the Hilton Austin's local carrier. Please note that you also have the right to reach other long distance carriers from your telephone, and you may do so by dialing the access code provided by that carrier.  
Please direct any complaints that you may have to the following agencies:

Federal Communications Commission
FCC Enforcement Division
CCB Room 6202
Washington, DC 20554
Time Warner
Network PTS

Voice Mail

Voice mail allows you to receive your messages when you are outside of the hotel or have checked out.
Please check your guest room telephone for a flashing red light and follow these steps, if applicable, to retrieve a message:
1. Lift the receiver
2. Press the MESSAGE key
3. Follow the recorded instructions
Should you require assistance while using voice mail, simply press the operator key at any time.

Video Teleconferencing

Please contact PSAV, Hilton Austin's in-house audio visual provider, for your video teleconferencing needs. A PSAV sales team member may be reached directly at (512)320-0560.

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